Reusable Menstrual Cup

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A new way to economically manage your period. A Menstrual Cup is a healthy and environmentally friendly alternative to tampons and pads.




  1. Reusable for several years!
  2. The most modern intimate hygiene product for ladies easy to use.
  3. Menstrual cups are made from medical grade silicone, which is a safe, easily cleaned, and in general they can be reused for years.
  4. Can be used up to 12 hours for some.






S - Those who have not given birth to a child or have not had a natural delivery.


L -Those who have given birth to a child or with low vaginal tone (kegels can help strengthen).


Usage Method:


Put in:


1. Thoroughly clean the cup before using. Washing your hands and press the cup to a U shape.

2. Firmly hold the cup bottom with your fingers, squat or sit on the toilet to relieve your vagina.

3. Push aside the labia with another hand and push it in your vagina slowly.



Take Out:


1. Thoroughly wash hands before taking out.

2. Squat or sit on the toilet and hold the cup with your fingers.

2. Press the cup to ensure air is breaking the seal and pull it out slowly.

3. Hold the bottom firmly to prevent spilling.

4. Pour the menstruation into toilet and clean the cup.




1. Please disinfect the cup before using.

2. Please do not use if you are underage or without sexual experience.